Or estimates are completely free (For devices without water damage).
We offer same day repairs for most iPhone Models (With appointment).
We work on all electronics & offer general Technical assistance.
Walk-ins welcome. Mail in repair is also available.
Ask about our business services. There’s nothing we won’t fix!

Why Us?…
  • Lifetime guarantee on a majority of our replacement parts
  • Pick-up & delivery service
  • Competitive prices
  • FREE estimates
  • Knowledgable, friendly staff

  • *prices vary based on location



Vinny is our newest technician here at MMTE. Born into the digital age, Vinny has been influenced  by computers and other gadgets and is always up-to-date on the latest advancements in the field of technology. Being raised in Silicon Valley comes with its perks, as Vinny has years of experience under his belt when it comes to advanced computer maintenance/security. With a keen eye, a hardworking attitude, and a hunger for knowledge, Vinny is more than capable of handling any task presented to him. Make sure to say hello to Vinny the next time you’re in!


Joe is another one of our founders. Prior to his involvement, Joe had worked for several different employers within the tech industry including managing multiple computer stores, working as a network contractor, and most recently managing a mobile retail store. Joe was born and raised locally in Richmond and always had an inclination towards tech. At age 8, he was suspended for hacking into an MISD network. By age 12, he had gone to college for a semester of robotics, and at age 16, enrolled in college full-time. Now, at age 21, Joe is attending Oakland University for his Bachelor in Computer Science with a minor in Mechanical Engineering. Joe is our master technician, specializing in all of the services we offer and is more than happy to use his skills to help aid the local community!


Kameron is one of our master technicians. He has been in the wireless business for 3 years, primarily working for Sprint as a retail consultant, sales representative, and assistant manager. he has experience in dealing with electronics, specifically Apple and Samsung products, as well as game console repair/consulting. Kameron is currently attending Oakland University, actively pursuing a Bachelor in Computer Engineering. Aside from his qualifications, Kameron was born and raised locally in Richmond. He has an incredible drive to assist his local community, and encourages you to come out and pay him a visit!


Erik has been tinkering with electronics from a very young age. He frequently spent time at home taking cameras, tablets, video game consoles, and a variety of other devices apart, just to see what made them tick. Erik was a team leader during his time in Richmond’s Robotics program; he learned the fundamentals of robotics and managing the business aspect of the program at the same time. Meanwhile, Erik was also dual-enrolled at Macomb Community College, working towards his Gen Ed Associate’s degree. He took a break from schooling after getting his degree to start the business, but is now continuing his degree in Mechanical Engineering at Wayne State University.